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         Main Features:

           21 Character by 8 Line Display, 128 x 64 dots.

           Configuration displayed on power up.

           VT100 text and graphics commands.

           Programmable intensity white LED Backlight.

           Connections via terminal block or optional 9 way D-type.

           Option for external relay/buzzer/LED/reset.

           Reverse voltage protection.

           Non-Volatile storage of Software Configuration.

           Supply Voltage

           Supply Current



           Communication is by 3-wire RS232C, Programmable 1200 to 115200 Baud

           100off Price     - POA

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        - 8 to 32Vdc

        - ~110mA at 8Vdc, ~40mA at 24Vdc

        - 78mm x 70mm x 35mm

VT100 LCD Module